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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "charter school"?

The basic charter school concept is encompassed in the idea of “autonomy for accountability.” Charter schools are public schools that are granted a specific amount of autonomy (determined by state law and the local charter) to make decisions concerning the structure, curriculum, and educational emphasis of the school. In return for this autonomy, charter schools are held accountable by their charter-granting agency for the academic achievement of their students. The charter school faces suspension and even closure if performance standards are not met.

What is a "start-up" charter school?

Start-up charter schools are independent public schools that are started from scratch.

What happens if more students apply than can be enrolled?

If more applications are received than there are seats, a lottery will be held for any grades where applications exceed space. Public lottery dates will vary from grade to grade.

Who can attend Academia Moderna?

All charter schools are public, tuition-free, and non-religious institutions. Enrollment in a charter school shall be open to any and all residents of the state of California..

Do you have to live in the district where the charter school is located?

No. Any student living in California can attend, however, students in the authorizing district may have priority..

Is there a cost for attending the schools?

No. A strong parent organization and fund-raising is vital to the success of any school, but there is no required fee for school attendance..

What grades are being served?

Currently, Academia Moderna is a Kindergarten through 5th grade elementary school. 

How can I enroll my child at an Academia Moderna?

Click HERE to view all the information on how to enroll your child at Academia Moderna.
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